From the Energy Vortex of Desert Hot Springs

Desert Hot Springs Energy Vortex

Desert Hot Springs Energy Vortex
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Science Fiction or Science Fact?

Ask NASA or Einstein!Desert Hot Springs Energy Vortex

The Desert Hot Springs energy vortex is no secret. Have you noticed the effects on people and animals, especially native reptiles? The spin circulates in a positive clockwise direction. Careful and considerable observation of animals and their by products shows a synchronicity with the energy vortex. Nothing could be more clear that Vortex Rox, those inviolate manifestations of energy can benefit all people who live on planet Earth.

The Spin

People without exception have free will and the choice of vibrating with the correct spin or against the grain. As any woodworker knows, chiseling against the grain is difficult and usually generates poor results. The generator of the Desert Hot Springs energy vortex, being the sun, wind, earth and air have no mind of their own but spin in that clockwise fashion for a very good reason.

No doubt the benefits of Vortex Rox have some kind of scientific basis of fact. The wind is measurable, as is the sun. Fault lines of the earth are not only visible but touchy feelie, just as the water of life is tasty, too. These things we cannot argue about. Neither the Vortex Rox. Detailed here are the benefits and uses of Vortex Rox which capture the vital energy of the vortex and releasing it in your home, office or bedroom. Your libido will be pleased.

Experience the vortex energy with DesertWaterWalk.com

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